How is Whisky / Whiskey made?

how is whiskey made slider

This infographic is a visual representation of the whisky / whiskey process. It is easy to understand and free to use for everybody.

Different types of Whisky / Whiskey?

different types of whiskey slider image

This infographic is for everyone who wants to understand how a whisky / whiskey name is built and how to understand them. If you want to accelerate your study about this topic, this infographic is perfect for you! It will explain you whenever you should call it whisky or whiskey. It …

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Top 10 most expensive Whiskeys / Whiskies!

top 10 of the most expensive whiskeys

In this video you will get to know the top 10 of the most expensive whiskeys / whiskies worldwide. Just a hint, number one is not the good old Glenfiddich Whisky… For more information about the top 10 visit: The Most Epxnsive Whiskeys Worldwide

The Top Funny Drinking Games

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Here are some of our favorite drinking games. But be careful, some games are not for newbies! The games are good for parties or to find social contact to other people.  High or Low – The Simple Drinking Game What do you need: For this game you need only a …

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10 Whisky / Whiskey Facts You Didn`t Know About!

10 whiskey facts you didnt know about

This video will surprise you with 10 facts taking out of the whiskey world you never heard of! From the history of some famous brands like Jack Daniel´s or Jim Beam, to some general Whisky / Whiskey knowledge facts. Our video went across the creme dela creme of all the …

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The Big Whiskey Shortage In The USA Has Arrived!

whiskey bottles

Do you remember that glorious time in the 70`s when there was whiskey in the jar all the time? Many sources say that there is a big whiskey shortage and it should be taken seriously. Who started all this “Whiskey shortage” panic? To keep it short in simply, nobody. There …

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The Big Whiskey Voting 2014

Whiskey Voting 2014

Voting 2014 – What is your favorite Whiskey? In our common brands section you can find a lot of different types and brands of whiskey.  But each person has its own unique flavor. Some people like Jack Daniel’s other Johnnie Walker. Some people can only afford to drink whiskey in …

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